Siemens 1LE1023-1CA12-2FA4
SIMOTICS GP General Purpose Low Voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1023-1CA12-2FA4
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Item Number: 1LE1023-1CA12-2FA4
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Product IDSiemens 1LE1023-1CA12-2FA4
Item Code85015220
Unit Price Group3Z1
Unit Life StageActive
Unit family1LE1023
Product Net Weight57 Kg
Siemens Item Catalog ChapterD81.1-R/IEC
Item Group №5114

Before every Siemens 1LE1023-1CA12-2FA4 is out in the market, strict quality assurance processes are performed. This guarantees that every unit that a consumer have do not have any defects. The purpose of examining the quality of the equipment is to see whether the equipment will not malfunction and give risk to the user. This practice is expected from its manufacturer as they have already build a reputation with regards to production of quality products.

Most of the reviews is positive and mostly they are providing commendations towards the product. The durability of this unit makes it possible for the product to withstand heavy duty use. The manufacturer of this equipment has put their name on the top board, by providing good quality of products that made them the top choice of many contractor globally.

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