Siemens 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4
SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Low voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4
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Item Number: 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4
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Device NumberSiemens 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4
Unit Life StageActive
Product Article NumberCQCXTFNI
Device ID85015381
Siemens Item Catalog SectionD81.1-R/IEC
Item Price Group3Z0
Device series1LE1501
Unit Group №5121
Device Net Weight570 Kg

Having the ideal equipment for your business is necessary to have a good flow of operations and hit the company goal. Although other similar products are available, the recommended one of many experts is Siemens 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4. This is made using top quality materials which ensures durability and great functions.

Every Siemens 1LE1501-2DB23-4AB4 goes through strict quality assurance processes before they are sold. Thus, there is no way consumers will have defective unit that is not worthy for their money. Assessing the quality of the equipment is not only for determining if the equipment is working or not but also to keep the user away from hazard. This is no more surprising because its company has built a reputation for producing quality products.

Handling this kind of equipment comes with a risk and the manufacturer knows that. So as to avoid accidents, some safety features are added.


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