Siemens 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4
SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Low voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4
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Item Number: 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4
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Device IDSiemens 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4
Item Life StageActive
Device Net Weight109 Kg
Unit Price Category3Z1
Device series1LE1503
Product ID85015230
Unit CodeC8F0J7YD
Siemens Device Catalog SectionD81.1-1/IEC
Unit Group №5126

Smooth operation and production goal of the company is achievable when the best equipment is utilized. Out of all the similar products in the marketplace, this unit is suggested by most professionals. This is made from the ideal materials, which guarantees that each unit would last long, and function as expected.

Each Siemens 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4 passes through high standard of checking before being produced and offered in the market. Therefore, there is no way customers will have defective unit that is not worthy for their money. Examining the quality of certain equipment is strictly followed, to make sure that it will work properly and to stay away from danger. This practice is expected from its company as they have already build a reputation in terms of production of excellent quality products.

Many of the reviews that were offered by users about this product are regularly positive, which ensures it is worth every cent. The durability of Siemens 1LE1503-1DB23-4FA4 makes it possible for the product to withstand heavy duty use. The company of this product has already established a great reputation in terms of quality that is why they are the most popular choice of a few companies worldwide.

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