Siemens 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4 SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Low voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4
Item Number: 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4
Total price: 4065.63
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Device NumberSiemens 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4
Product Price Group3Z0
Product Code478V79P4
Unit Net Weight385 Kg
Unit family1LE1503
Unit ID85015290
Item Group №5125
Device Life StageActive
Unit Catalog ChapterD81.1-R/IEC

Having the right equipment is crucial because it guarantees that operation could proceed smoothly, and the company’s production goal is met. With that in mind, most experts advise Siemens 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4 despite the availability of other similar products. This is made using good quality materials which ensures durability and excellent functions.

Rigid quality assurance processes are performed to every Siemens 1LE1503-2CA23-4AB4 before being distributed. This guarantees that consumers will not get defective units. Checking the quality of certain equipment is strictly followed, to ensure that it will work correctly and to stay away from danger. The company is popular in creating good quality products, so it is no longer astonishing.

With the use of this unit, it will be easy to solve any issue. It is also useful and provides certain improvement in operation. Those are only few reasons why the demand of utilizing this equipment has gone viral to many firms. It has a modern design that makes it easy for the user to set up and utilize the equipment. Right technical training would be very helpful to operate the unit smoothly.

The manufacturer is aware of the danger that might happen in utilizing this equipment. For this reason, several safety features are added to ensure that the operator will not experience accidents when making use of it.

SIMOTICS SD (Severe Duty) motors have a lasting cast-iron body, which means they are also appropriate for apply in hard to very harsh environments. With a wide power range of 0,09... 500 kW, Severe Duty engines are the foundation for apparatus and plant builders and owners who want a universal motor for supple requirements and conditions of use. This apparatus may be employ for mixers, equipment for the petrochemical and processing industry, with an invasive atmosphere. The range of these SD series is developed to lessen power rate and protection of the environment, in accordance with modern ecological conception.


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