Siemens 3NA3824
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Siemens 3NA3824
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NH000, 80A, gG, Un AC: 500V, Un DC: 250V, Front indicator, live grip lugs 

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Siemens SENTRON 3NA Low Voltage NHR Fuse element with front indicator and blade contacts.

LV HRC fuses are ideal for system installations in commercial, non-residential and industrial buildings, as well as switchboards. They protect important parts of the building and installation.

SENTRON 3NA are fuse systems intended for use by qualified personnel. There are no design requirements for non-interchangeability of rated current and contact protection.


  • Voltage: 500 V AC / 250 V DC
  • Class: gG
  • Size: NH000
  • Protection rating: IP20 (with connected conductors)
  • Rated current:  80A
  • Type of mounting: non-insulated grip lugs
  • Position of mounting: Any (preferably vertical)
  • Switching contact: silver-plated, Non-corroding
  • Enclosure width (mm): 21
  • Temperature rating: -5 °C ... 40 °C
  • Net weight (g): 130
  • Power Loss: 5,8 W
  • Size of Package (mm): 65x84x62
  • EAN: 4001869057187
  • Commodity Code: 85361090
  • Catalog ID: LV10.1


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