Siemens 3RQ3018-1AF00 SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays in slim design

Siemens 3RQ3018-1AF00
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Item Number: 3RQ3018-1AF00


Coupling relays with relay output (not plug-in)

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Coupling relays are multifunctional devices that provide galvanic isolation, signal amplification and voltage level conversion. Such relays are also used for optimal coordination of the PLC with contactors, increasing the life of the PLC inputs and outputs, including surge and EMC protection.

3RQ3 - interface relays in a housing only 6.2 mm wide. Available in versions with mechanical and solid state outputs; with screw and spring terminals. Their main task is to ensure the maximum resource of PLC inputs and outputs. They have built-in protection against control voltage polarity reversal, LED indication of voltage presence and a protective diode. Versions are also available with low contact resistance gold-plated contacts (ensure reliable operation even at 5 V and 1 mA). Accessories include busbars for connecting power, insulating plates for separating groups with different potential levels, replaceable relay modules, etc.

Technical data:

  • Display version LED: yes
  • Relay output: yes
  • Semi-conductor output: no
  • Insulation voltage: 300 V
  • Surge voltage resistance rated value: 4kV
  • Maximum permissible voltage for safe isolation: 300 V
  • Percental drop-out voltage related to the input voltage: 10%
  • Protection class IP: IP20

SIRIUS coupling relays ensure reliable operation of the plant automation system, protect its center - PLC - from overvoltage and failure and are a tested and optimal solution for working with Simatic PLCs from Siemens.


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