Siemens 3RW3036-1AB04
Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW30

Siemens 3RW3036-1AB04
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SIRIUS soft starter Screw terminals S2 45 A, 22 kW/400 V, 40 °C 200-460 V AC, 110-230 V AC/DC

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The Product is out of Production!

Contact the manager for more information.

SIRIUS soft starter, Screw terminals, S2 45 A, 22 kW / 400 V, 40 °C 200-460 V AC, 24 V AC / DC


  • Weight: 0.792 Kg
  • Operating temperature -25 ... 60 ° C
  • Engine power max .: 22kW
  • DC rated current: 45A
  • Supply voltage: 200 ... 460V AC
  • Contactor Series: S2

The soft starter SIRIUS 3RW30 is specially allotted for 3-phase asynchronous engines where the power does not surpass 55 kilowatts. This soft starter has a large selection of variant to easily start the engine. SIRIUS soft starter devices give tender operation for the connected engines, reducing the torque. The capacity supply is covered from unsafe peaks by reducing amperage expenditure during startup. Together with the contactor, they are utilized in combinations for fuse less starting engines. SIRIUS 3RW 30 electronic soft starters is small, inexpensive and easy to combine with SIRIUS overload relays. Siemens 3RW soft starters allow soft start and stop for three-phase asynchronous engines. The hitherto used starter switching from star to delta, for example, in conveyor belts, grinders, textile machines, etc.

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