Siemens 3RW3047-2BB04 Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW30

Siemens 3RW3047-2BB04
Item Number: 3RW3047-2BB04

SIRIUS soft starter S3 106 A

Total price: 879.00
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SIRIUS soft starter S3 106 A

Item code3RW3047-2BB04
Item class3RW30 soft starters
Made inGermany
Item Group5345
Net Weight (kg)1,699 Kg
World Customs Organization Commodity Code85371098
Universal Product Code754554958293
European Article Number Code4011209719248

The soft starter SIRIUS 3RW30 is developed specially for three-phase asynchronous engines where the output does not surpass 55 kilowatts. The arrangement has a sufficient set of edition to easily start the motor. The soft starters provide for gentle operation for the connected engines, reducing the torque. The power supply is defended from unsafe crests by reducing current expenditure during startup. Together with the contactor, they are utilized as security starting conjunctions for electric engines. SIRIUS 3RW30 soft starters: small and easy to combine with SIRIUS contactors. Siemens 3RW soft starters provide soft start and stop for three-phase asynchronous engines. Everywhere where star-delta starters have hitherto been utilized, such as belt conveyors, grinders, textile machines, and so on.


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