Siemens 3RW4047-1BB04
Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW40

Siemens 3RW4047-1BB04
SIRIUS soft starter S3 106 A
Item Number: 3RW4047-1BB04
Total price: 1228.50
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SIRIUS soft starter S3 106 A
Item code3RW4047-1BB04
Item class3RW40 soft starters
Made inGermany
Item Group3727
Net Weight (kg)1,885 Kg
European Article Number Code4011209693302
Universal Product Code040892783148
World Customs Organization Commodity Code85371098

Siemens Sirius 3RW40 250 kW are fitting for standard three-phase applications and are allotted for soft on/off of 3-phase asynchronous motors. They prevent current peaks and torque caused by the utilize of star-delta starters. The Sirius 3RW40 is organized with optimal operating. The built-in bypass contact system diminishing the power losses during operation, whereby the components do not overheat. The overload trip time can be set with the 4-step rotary switch. Full managed current limit, the engine is reliably defended yet from a surprise increase in amperage. The 3 LEDs are used to display the possible errors, ineffective trip times, phase failure, device failure. The main types applications: construction machines, presses, escalators, compressors and coolers, centrifuges, mixers.


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