Siemens 3RW4075-6BB45 Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW40

Siemens 3RW4075-6BB45
Item Number: 3RW4075-6BB45

SIRIUS soft starter S12 356 A

Total price: 2540.00
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SIRIUS soft starter S12 356 A

Item code3RW4075-6BB45
Item class3RW40 soft starters
Made inGermany
Item Group3727
Net Weight (kg)8,882 Kg
European Article Number Code4011209612143
World Customs Organization Commodity Code85371098
Universal Product Code754554923437

The Soft starter Sirius 3RW40 is designed for high power 250 Kilowatt asynchronous motors. The soft starter provides easy start, protects the motor against overload, lower the current consumption, which makes apply of devices low-priced. The data devices apply features unusual to this capacity range: solid-state engine overload protection and inbuilt protection devices, controllable current limitative and 2-phase monitoring technique. The Sirius 3RW40 are sections of the SIRIUS modular system. As a result, they have identical sizes and wiring schemes. Due to their special compact dimensions, Siemens soft starters are half the dimension of star-delta starters, so they take up limited place in the control cabinet. At the contactor, they are used as protective infinite union for starting motors.


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