Siemens 3RW4427-1BC35 Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW44

Siemens 3RW4427-1BC35
Item Number: 3RW4427-1BC35
SIRIUS soft starter Values at 575 V
Total price: 3060.00
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SIRIUS soft starter Values at 575 V
Item code3RW4427-1BC35
Item class3RW44 soft starters
Made inGermany
Item Group3728
Net Weight (kg)6,417 Kg
Universal Product Code754554923208
World Customs Organization Commodity Code85371098
European Article Number Code4011209625587

Soft starters offer optimal function. Fitted bypass contact system lower power loss during working, which preventing superheating of the device throughout operation. SIRIUS 3RW44 soft starters have internally defended which prevents heat overloading of the motors in the power part, for example in the case of unacceptable severe switching modes. Equipped with a modern interface, SIRIUS 3RW44 are comfortable and fast adjusted due to the keypad and multi-line display with easy to use menus and backlighting. Optimized engine acceleration and retard may be carried out quickly, easily and surely, substantially conditioned to a small number of installations in a pre-established input language. The operation of the arrangement is controllable by 4 keys through a monitor with elementary description for every menu, which warranty at any moment full clearness of the parameterization act and the working of the arrangement.


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