Siemens 3RW4444-6BC46 Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW44

Siemens 3RW4444-6BC46
Item Number: 3RW4444-6BC46
SIRIUS soft starter Values at 690 V
Total price: 7230.00
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SIRIUS soft starter Values at 690 V
Item code3RW4444-6BC46
Item class3RW44 soft starters
Made inGermany
Item Group3728
Net Weight (kg)11,42 Kg
Universal Product Code-
World Customs Organization Commodity Code85371098
European Article Number Code4011209625891

Semiconductor soft starters provide smooth quickening / retardation capacity, with many options to improve operating requirements. They comprise a range of up to 710 kW the linear and switched to 1200 kW with inside triangle switch. Siemens 3RW44 soft starters are differ by their small dimensions, thanks to which saves installation space and an understandable disposition of the monitoring switch cupboard are available. Configuration and control can be carried out using a convenient set of keys and a multi-line graphic display with user-friendly menu and backlight.


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