Siemens 3WL1216-3CB34-1AN2 SENTRON 3WL Circuit breaker

Siemens 3WL1216-3CB34-1AN2
Item Number: 3WL1216-3CB34-1AN2


Total price: 6644.59
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Siemens SENTRON 3WL is line of air fixed mounted circuit breakers. They possess all functional possibilities which can be required by user while having the smallest size: from basic protection against overloads and short circuits, communication interfaces and to representation the harmonic components and characteristics on the large graphic display.

3WL is the only circuit breaker where is possible to set a second set of parameters. At the change of parameters of power supply, for example, at switching on work from a generator, 3WL air circuit breaker automatically switch on the second set of parameters in the shortest time, optimally adapting the characteristics of the tripping device to a changed situation.

SENTRON 3WL saves the money of customer because of the same accessories can be applied for all sizes. And to install additional functions are very simple also because of the system modularity that does not violate the integrity.

SENTRON 3WL optimally protects the unit or system even without a full load. With a module nominal current it is possible to set circuit breaker on the proper nominal current only for a few seconds. And this possibility is accessible already at currents from 100 A.

Technical Parameters of 3WL1216-3CB34-1AN2:

  • 3-Poles;
  • Size II;
  • IEC In: 1600A, 690V;
  • AC 50/60 HZ;
  • ICU: 80KA at 500V
Product IDSiemens 3WL1216-3CB34-1AN2
Device Net Weight56 Kg
Product Catalog SectionLV10.1
Unit Code85362090
Unit Group №3745
Item family3WL1216
Item Price Category12M
Unit Life StageActive


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