Siemens 3WL1225-3CB34-1AN2
SENTRON 3WL Circuit breaker

Siemens 3WL1225-3CB34-1AN2
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Item Number: 3WL1225-3CB34-1AN2
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Air circuit breakers in molded case SENTRON 3WL from Siemens combine the reasonableness and simplicity. Their main features are identity of accessories for all sizes, easy assembling and modification, possibilities for connection through PROFIBUS-DP, possibility of using at temperatures up to 70°C and also possibility of the use all over the world thanks to the international certificates (UL and IEC).

SENTRON 3WL makes the device or the system transparent. It is provided by total and computer-integrated communication decisions. Complete and rapid overview is running with just one program.

Air circuit breakers always have an identical width and height, for both stationary and retractable devices. It has all the options at minimal size.

Technical Parameters of 3WL1225-3CB34-1AN2:

  • 3-Poles;
  • Size II;
  • IEC In: 2500A 690V;
  • AC 50/60 HZ;
  • ICU: 80KA at 500V
Product NumberSiemens 3WL1225-3CB34-1AN2
Product Net Weight59 Kg
Item ID85362090
Device family3WL1225
Siemens Item Catalog SectionLV10.1
Unit Group №3745
Item Price Category12M
Item Life StageActive

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