Siemens 6EP3320-6SB00-0AY0
LOGO! Power supply

Siemens 6EP3320-6SB00-0AY0
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LOGO!POWER 12 V / 0.9 A Stabilized power supply (1-phase)

  • Input: 100-240 V AC
  • Output: 12 V DC/ 0.9 A
Item Number: 6EP3320-6SB00-0AY0
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LOGO!POWER 6ep3320 6sb00 0ay0 12 V / 0.9 A Stabilized power supply (1-phase)

Siemens LOGO! Power 6ep3320 6sb00 0ay0 is a miniature and effective power supply. Its design has a flat shape. This product is an excellent choice to connect DC sources to the industrial system. The blocks are quite universally and performed in multiple industrial branches.

These series maintain permanent productivity over the entire range of loads. The systems have low energy loss even in stand-by mode. In-built screen indicates data of system condition. The main advantages of 6EP33206SB000AY0 are its miniature size and permanent performance.


  • Input: 100-240 V AC
  • Output: 12 V DC/ 0.9 A
  • Output current: 0.9 ampere
  • Input 1-phase alternating or direct current
  • Rated voltage Ue nom. 100 ... 240 V

Datasheet 6EP3320-6SB00-0AY0


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