Siemens 6EP3446-8SB10-0AY0
SITOP PSU8200 Power supply

Siemens 6EP3446-8SB10-0AY0
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SITOP PSU8200 36 V/13 A Stabilized power supply (3-phase)
  • Input: 3 AC 400-500 V
  • Output: 36 V DC/13 A

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Sitop 6ep3446 8sb10 0ay0 36v/13a stabilized power supply 3 ph 400-500 v ac, 36 v/13 a dc.

SITOP 8200 power supply 6ep3446 8sb10 0ay0 systems are created to use with complicated devices. Those power supplies obtain a wide variety of outputs. They can be installed to almost any general electrical power system. The model falls into SITOP Advanced group.

Power supplies perform completely with voltage fluctuations and overloads. The series maintains an extremely high efficiency of 94%. Those systems also have compact metal housing. The main merits of Siemens SITOP PSU8200 6EP34468SB100AY0 power supply are its incredibly high level of efficiency and flexibility in operating with complex industrial systems.


  • Device type: power supply
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Output Voltage: 36 VDC
  • Output Power (kW): 468 W
  • output current: 13 A
  • Input Line Voltage: 400-500 VAC

Datasheet 6EP3446-8SB10-0AY0


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