Siemens 6ES7195-0BD04-0XA0

Siemens 6ES7195-0BD04-0XA0
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6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 0.457 Kg, Pkg. 21x38x3,80 (cm)
Item Number: 6ES7195-0BD04-0XA0
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Item NumberSiemens 6ES7195-0BD04-0XA0
Unit family6ES7195
Unit Net Weight0,457 Kg
Unit Price Group251
Unit Group №4008
Item Article Number7NAAZI03
Item Life StageActive
Unit Package Dimensions (cm)21 x 38 x 3,80
Item ID85423990
Device Catalog SectionST76-A

SIMATIC DP are intended for utilize as part of ET 200S distributed I/O stations and execute the functions of switching and protective energy circuits of consumers of 3-phase alternating amperage. Collectively with the suitable terminus modules, they let quick and easy connection of the load and grant the small size of power shifting units. Switching ability of modules is enlarged to 7.5 k. Large choice of modules, flexible setting, installation and programming options do the ET 200S peripheral universal input-output chain.

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