Siemens 6ES7516-3AN02-0AB0
SIMATIC S7-1500 сentral processing unit

Siemens 6ES7516-3AN02-0AB0
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Central Processing Unit (CPU)

  • 6ES7516 SERIES 
  • SIMATIC S7-1500
  • ST9-E5, 0.94 Kg
  • Pkg. 15,80x15,90x8,40 (cm)
Item Number: 6ES7516-3AN02-0AB0
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6es75163an020ab0 is a central processor CPU 1516-3 SIMATIC S7-1500 series. Among the other characteristics are PN/DP, CPU working memory of 1 MB for program and 5 MB for data.

There are also 3 interfaces:

  1. PROFINET IRT with 2-port switch

Processor performance is 10 ns per bit operation, a SIMATIC MC memory card is also required.

SIMATIC S7-1500 Benefits

  • Central processor S7-1500 with large amounts of program and data memory.
  • High speed of command execution.
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface with integrated 2-channel switch.
  • Additional PROFINET interface with its own IP address.
  • Use as a central controller of production lines with local and distributed input/output systems.
  • Intelligent PROFINET IO I/O device for operation under the control of SIMATIC programmable controllers or controllers from other manufacturers capable of performing the functions of a PROFINET IO controller.
  • PROFIBUS DP master interface.
  • PROFINET IO controller for servicing distributed I/O systems based on the PROFINET network.
  • Supports isochronous mode in PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks.
  • To operate the central processor, a SIMATIC memory card is required, which must be ordered separately.

6ES7516-3AN02-0AB0 Datasheet:

  • Product type: CPU 1516-3 PN/DP
  • Display Screen diagonal: 6,1 cm
  • HW functional status: FS01
  • Firmware: V 2.9
  • Supply voltage Rated value (DC):  24V
  • Control elements: 8 keys, 2 mode buttons
  • Configuration control via dataset
  • Rated Input current nom: 0.85 A
  • Rated Input current nmax: 1.1 A
  • 1st interface: PROFINET IRT with 2-port switch,
  • 2nd interface: PROFINET RT,
  • 3rd interface: PROFIBUS, 10 ns bit performance


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