Siemens 6GK1571-1AA00-0AD0
USB connecting cable

Siemens 6GK1571-1AA00-0AD0
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6GK1571 SERIES USB-CONECT. CABLE FOR CP, 0.2 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

Item Number: 6GK1571-1AA00-0AD0
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Item NumberSiemens 6GK1571-1AA00-0AD0
Unit Article NumberM1KQMI5S
Unit Group №2444
Unit Life StageActive
Item Code85444210
Item Net Weight0,2 Kg
Siemens Unit Catalog SectionIK
Device family6GK1571
Item Price Group5P5
Product Package Size (mm)1 x 1 x 1

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