Siemens 6GK5874-3AA00-2AA2
SCALANCE M874-3 3G router

Siemens 6GK5874-3AA00-2AA2
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SCALANCE M874-3 3G router

Item Number: 6GK5874-3AA00-2AA2
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SCALANCE M874-3 3G router; for wireless IP communication from Ethernet-based programmable controllers via 3G mobile radio HSPA+, VPN, firewall, NAT; 2-port switch; 1x digital input, 1x digital output; observe national approvals.

Device IDSiemens 6GK5874-3AA00-2AA2
Unit ID85176200
Product Net Weight0,377 Kg
Unit Life StageActive
Product Package Size (cm)15,90 x 17,80 x 4,10
Item series6GK5874
Siemens Unit Catalog ChapterIK
Unit Price Category5M2
Unit Group №2438

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