Siemens 6GK5992-1AM00-8AA0
Plug-in transceiver

Siemens 6GK5992-1AM00-8AA0
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Plug-in transceiver SFP992-1LD

Item Number: 6GK5992-1AM00-8AA0
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SCALANCE X accessory; Plug-in transceiver SFP992-1LD; 1x 1000 Mbit/s LC port, optical; single-mode optical up to max. 10 km.

Product NumberSiemens 6GK5992-1AM00-8AA0
Product Catalog SectionIK
Product Net Weight0,038 Kg
Item ID85176200
Product Life StageActive
Item Package Size (mm)1 x 1 x 1
Unit Price Group5N3
Device Group №2420
Item Article Number5XQFXEUN
Device family6GK5992

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