Siemens 6SE6420-2AD27-5CA1

Siemens 6SE6420-2AD27-5CA1
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6SE6420 SERIES MICROMASTER, DA51-C, 5.7 Kg, Pkg. 265x305x210 (mm)

Item Number: 6SE6420-2AD27-5CA1
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The Product is out of Production!

Contact the manager for more information.

The MICROMASTER 420 is suitable for speed control of standard drives. It is most suitable for use with pumps, fans and conveyors. It is characterized by high performance and comfortable use. Wide range of line voltage allows it to be used in any part of the world. The MICROMASTER 420 has a modular construction. 
Frequency converter with built-in class A filter 3AC 380-480V + 10 / -10% 47-63Hz Power at constant load torque 7.5 kW Overload 150%
  • Easy commissioning
  • Particularly flexible configuration through modular design
  • Three integrated, freely parameterize digital inputs
  • Full motor and inverter protection
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration times from 0 to 650 s
  • Precise set point input thanks to 10-bit analog input
  • 4 pass frequencies against resonance
  • LC filter
  • EMC class A and B filter
  • Line commutation choke
  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Digital microprocessor control


Device NumberSiemens 6SE6420-2AD27-5CA1
Item Package Dimensions (mm)265 x 305 x 210
Unit Life StageActive last year
Item ID85044084
Unit Catalog ChapterDA51-C
Product Article NumberA9PZXXA9
Device Net Weight5,7 Kg
Device Group №9811
Unit Price Category322
Product series6SE6420


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