Siemens 6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1 Micromaster 420 Inverter Drive

Siemens 6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1
Item Number: 6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1

6SE6420 SERIES MICROMASTER, DA51-B, 3.1 Kg, Pkg. 235x180x250 (mm)

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The MICROMASTER 6SE64202UC222BA1 are applied to check and adjust the velocity of low-voltage AC motors with DC load (conveyors, mixers, lift) or fan-type motors (centrifugal fans) etc. 
It's utilized for particular applying and as well joint in automation systems.
The MICROMASTER 6SE6420 2UC22 2BA1 features sufficiently high performance and comfortable use. Siemens 6SE6420 has the following options: an operator panel mounting kit, a comfort operator panel, etc.


Unit NumberSiemens 6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1
Device Net Weight3,1 Kg
Product Group №9808
Unit series6SE6420
Siemens Unit Catalog SectionDA51-B
Unit Life StageActive last year
Product Price Category322
Item ID85044084
Unit Article NumberKEIENJ5F
Dimensions 235 x 180 x 250 mm


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