Siemens 6SE6420-2UD15-5AA1 Micromaster 420 Inverter Drive

Siemens 6SE6420-2UD15-5AA1
Item Number: 6SE6420-2UD15-5AA1

6SE6420 SERIES MICROMASTER, DA51-C, 1.3 Kg, Pkg. 90x190x180 (mm)

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The Siemens MICROMASTER 6SE64202UD155AA1 are applying to manage and regulate the speed of low-voltage AC motors with DC load (transporter, mixers, lift) or fan-type engine (efferent fans) etc.
This is used for personal applications and also combined in automation systems. The MICROMASTER 6SE6420 2UD15 5AA1 features a fairly high degree of performance and easy operation. The Siemens 6SE6420 has the following options: an operator panel mounting kit, a comfort operator panel, and other.


  • Simple commissioning
  • Full motor and inverter protection
  • Especially flexible configuration due to the modular design
  • Three integrated, freely parameterizable digital inputs
  • Analog input (0 ... 10 V) - 1
  • Analog output (0 mA ... 20 mA) - 1
  • Quiet motor operation thanks to high switching frequency


Item IDSiemens 6SE6420-2UD15-5AA1
Product Price Category322
Item Catalog ChapterDA51-C
Product SKU7HJ77CTQ
Unit ID85044084
Device Group №9811
Unit family6SE6420
Dimensions 90 x 190 x 180 mm
Weight1,3 Kg


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