Siemens 6SE6440-2UC32-2EA1 MICROMASTER 440 inverter drive

Siemens 6SE6440-2UC32-2EA1
Item Number: 6SE6440-2UC32-2EA1

6SE6440 SERIES MICROMASTER, DA51-D, 20 Kg, Pkg. 400x760x350 (mm)

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The Siemens 6SE64402UC322EA1 MICROMASTER 440 inverter has a modular design. The operator panel and communication modules can be replaced without any tools.

The limit of the active power output of the frequency converter in normal operation does not exceed 22 kilowatts. 35.1 kVa - this is the total electrical power that the frequency controller is capable of delivering during its operation.

Connect the frequency regulator 6SE6440-2UC32-2EA1 (6SE6440 2UC32 2EA1) to AC power with 3AC phase and designed for voltage 200...240 V.

The power register of the family of frequency controllers that we analyze includes ratings differing from 22 by one step in both directions.


Unit NumberSiemens 6SE6440-2UC32-2EA1
Product Life StageActive last year
Siemens Item Catalog SectionDA51-D
Unit Group №9817
Unit SKU3T28BX2M
Item series6SE6440
Product ID85044088
Item Price Category323
Dimensions 400 x 760 x 350 mm
Weight20 Kg


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