Siemens 6SL3210-1KE15-8UP2
Frequency drive

Siemens 6SL3210-1KE15-8UP2
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6SL3210 SERIES SINAMICS G120C RATED POWER, D11.1SD, 1.1 Kg, Pkg. 270x225x85 (mm)

Item Number: 6SL3210-1KE15-8UP2
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The frequency drive 6SL3210-1KE15-8UP2 has vector control without feedback sensor, automatic flow reduction with ECO U / f.

SIEMENS 6SL32101KE158UP2 have been widely used as a speed regulator in standard applications of house automation, which is a benefit energy efficiency regulator for apparatus operation. Compact inverter SINAMICS V20 from Siemens is an easy and economical device for these applying.

The supply voltage three-phase 380 V ± 10% power range from 0.55 to 132 kW. SINAMICS V20 finds their use in such areas as pumps, axial fans, belt conveyors, individual drives in manufacturing industries, basic movement drives in apparatus with mechanically coupled axles.


Device NumberSiemens 6SL3210-1KE15-8UP2
Unit Life StageActive
Product Price Group340
Dimensions 270 x 225 x 85 mm
Unit ID85044084
Unit Catalog ChapterD11.1SD
Item Group №5673
Unit family6SL3210
Weight1,1 Kg

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