Siemens 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0
Frequency converter

Siemens 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0
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6SL3210 SERIES SINAMICS V20, SINAMICS V20, 0.93 Kg, Pkg. 140x205x180 (mm)

Item Number: 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0
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SIEMENS 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0 employ as a speed regulator for fan motors and pumps in standard use of house automation, which is a fine energy capacity controller for apparatus working. Siemens SINAMICS 6SL32105BE155UV0 is an easy and cost-effective appliance for these applications. When dangerous power overloads appear, the frequency converter immediately goes into safe mode. This approach excludes the possibility of equipment failure and unforeseen financial costs.

This device applying in such areas as centrifugal pumps, radial fans, compressors, chain conveyors, main motion drives in machines with mechanically connected axles.


Item IDSiemens 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0
Siemens Unit Catalog SectionSINAMICS V20
Device Code85044084
Unit Life StageActive
Unit series6SL3210
Item Net Weight0,93 Kg
Device Group №5681
Product Price Category350
Dimensions 140 x 205 x 180 mm


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