Siemens 6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0
Frequency converter

Siemens 6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0
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6SL3210 SERIES SINAMICS V20, SINAMICS V20, 2.6 Kg, Pkg. 237x220x247 (mm)

Item Number: 6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0
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Frequency converters apply as a speed controller in standard applications of house automation, which is a benefit power efficiency regulator for equipment working. Siemens SINAMICS is a plain and cost-effective apparatus for these applying.


  • the engine temperature is monitored via a temperature sensor or via PTC contact, KTY and ThermoClick Sensor
  • the ability to connect the converter to 4 motors at the same time and control them
  • availability of software that allows you to set three freely programmable schedules for 7 days

SINAMICS V20 6sl32105be275uv0 finds their application in such areas as pumps, axial fans, compressors, chain conveyors, main movement drives in apparatus with mechanically connected axles.


Item NumberSiemens 6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0
Siemens Item Catalog ChapterSINAMICS V20
Device family6SL3210
Device Life StageActive
Unit Code85044084
Unit Price Group350
Unit Article NumberCXF2N74G
Product Group №5681
Package Size237 x 220 x 247 mm
Weight2,6 Kg


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