Siemens 6SL3210-5FE15-0UF0
Module for Drives

Siemens 6SL3210-5FE15-0UF0
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6SL3210 SERIES SINAMICS V90, SINAMICS V90, 5.945 Kg, Pkg. 189x331x287 (mm)
Item Number: 6SL3210-5FE15-0UF0
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Device IDSiemens 6SL3210-5FE15-0UF0
Device series6SL3210
Unit Article Number6XMA0EMT
Item Life StageActive
Unit ID85044084
Unit Group №4R32
Device Catalog ChapterSINAMICS V90
Product Package Size (mm)189 x 331 x 287
Product Price CategoryDMS
Item Net Weight5,945 Kg


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