Siemens 6SL3211-0AB23-0AA1 Module for Drives

Siemens 6SL3211-0AB23-0AA1
Item Number: 6SL3211-0AB23-0AA1
6SL3211 SERIES SINAMICS G110 - CPM110 AC-DRIVE, D11.1SD, 2.2 Kg, Pkg. 200x235x180 (mm)
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Unit IDSiemens 6SL3211-0AB23-0AA1
Unit Life StageActive
Item Price Category334
Unit Package Size (mm)200 x 235 x 180
Product family6SL3211
Unit Group №9760
Unit Article NumberZ4B6UE0T
Product Code85044084
Item Net Weight2,2 Kg
Unit Catalog SectionD11.1SD

The part of the Sinamics family is a modular system for high-productivity use in the areas of equipment design and mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering provides high-efficiency single-axis and multi-axis engines for a wide quantity of manufactured utilize. With capacity for adjustments and versatility, the SINAMICS S120 is the ideal solution to serve the increase inquire for larger axles and higher performance. The SINAMICS S120 supports the bending arrangement frame and faster realization of substandard engine resolve.


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