Siemens CPU1215C DC DC DC
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Siemens CPU1215C DC DC DC
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siemens s7 1200 cpu 1215c dc dc dc

  • 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0
  • High reliability and durability
  • Multifunctionality and versatility
  • Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Compactness and ease of use
  • Easy to program and maintain
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cpu1215c dc dc dc

The Siemens CPU1215C DC/DC/DC is a compact and versatile industrial controller with a wide range of applications in process automation. It is a member of the SIPLUS S7-1200 family.


  • art. 6ES7215-1AG40-0XB0
  • Product family: SIPLUS CPU 1215C.
  • Product life cycle (PLM): PM300: Active product
  • Operating temperature range: -40...+60 °C
  • Start-up temperature: -25 °C
  • Power supply type: DC 20.4-28.8 V DC
  • Program/data memory: 125 KB
  • Built-in I/O channels:
  • 14 digital inputs (DI) 24 V DC
  • 10 digital outputs (DQ) 24 V DC
  • 2 analog inputs (AI) 0-10 V DC
  • 2 analog outputs (AQ) 0-20 mA DC
  • Communication ports: 2 PROFINET ports

cpu s7 1215c has the following advantages:

  • Thanks to the extended operating temperature range (-40...+60 °C) and protective coating, the controller siemens cpu 1215c dc dc dc is ideal for use in harsh environments.
  • built-in PROFINET ports and various I/O channels (14 DI, 10 DQ, 2 AI, 2 AQ) allow you to connect various sensors, actuators and devices of the industrial network.
  • Thanks to the DC power supply (DC 20.4-28.8 V) and the built-in DC/DC/DC converter, the controller consumes electricity economically.
  • small size makes it convenient for use in confined spaces.
  • The controller siemens cpu 1215c 6es7215 1ag40 0xb0,  supports the STEP 7 Basic programming language, which is simple and intuitive for engineers and programmers.


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