SMC AL40-N04-8-A

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Lubricator SMC AL40-N04-8-A provides precise lubrication of equipment. The speed at which the oil falls is adjusted according to requirements. The modular design allows connection to other SMC air treatment equipment. Lubricators are used on pneumatic lines to spray oil into compressed air. This lubricates the internal working parts of pneumatic tools. Lubricated air reduces wear and ensures smooth and stable operation of pneumatics.

Technical characteristics:

  • Adjustable oil falling speed -
  • Bowl can be attached and detached with one hand -
  • Optional drain cock for unidirectional draining -
  • Ensures precise lubrication of downstream equipment -
  • Oil reservoir: 135 ml4
  • Dimensions : 23 x 16 x 18 inches.
  • Type: Lubricators

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