SMC TQ 1008-20 Tubing with 2 layer soft fluoropol

SMC TQ 1008-20
Item Number: TQ 1008-20

Tube with a 2-layer structure

Total price: 188.80
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Tube with a 2-layer structure

Internal smoothness of the inner layer TQ equivalent Ra 0,02 m, and since TQ is "semi-transparent", it helps define the color of the liquid. Compared to the SMC TL series, flexibility has been improved by up to 55% and weight has been reduced by about 44%. TQ - an excellent choice for use in the automotive, semiconductor, food, medical and machine tool industry.

Fluid temperature

–20 to + 100 C

Max pressure psi

68 °F (20 °C)


20 m
100 m


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