Univer AM-5241
AM Complementary Valve

Univer AM-5241

Gradual starter

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Gradual starter .

Type: AM.
with manual regulation.
Diam.6,5 mm.
Ambient temperature: -10…+70°С.
Commutation system: poppet.
Seals: oil and wear resistant compound.
Spool: aluminium.
Max pressure: 10 bar.
Foot valve lever: aluminium.
Valve body: zamak.
Diam.6,5 mm.

Univer's AM-5241 Complementary Valve is a versatile and reliable component designed to enhance pneumatic control systems. With precision engineering and durable construction, this valve complements various applications in industrial settings. Its compact design and advanced features make it suitable for scenarios where space optimization is crucial, ensuring seamless integration and optimal system functionality.


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