Univer J64RT2550800A RT2 Telescope Cylinder Guide Unit

Univer J64RT2550800A
Item Number: J64RT2550800A

Cylinder type: 2-stage telescopic cylinder

Total price: 949.00
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The sliding block J64RT2550800A Univer for 2-step telescopic series pnevmotsililindrov RT, nominal cylinder block and the diameter of 50 mm, stroke of 800 mm.
Scope - almost the entire engineering complex


Ambient temperature: -20 ÷ 80 ° C
Operating fluid: filtered compressed air, with or without lubrication
Operating pressure: 2 ÷ 10 bar
Cylinder tube: extruded aluminum anodised
Piston rod guide bushes: special steel
Guide rods: chromed steel
Guide rod wiper: polyurethane
Flange: steel

Cylinder type: 2-stage telescopic cylinder


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