Univer RM4000250030
RM Compact Cylinder

Univer RM4000250030
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Compact cylinder with chromium-plated steel piston rod, male. ISO 21287. Ajustable pneumatic cushioning. Piston seals: NBR.

Type: RM400
Product number: RM400-025-0030
Piston seals: NBR.
Barrel: anodized aluminium. Piston: aluminium
Bore diam.: 25mm
Stroke length: 30mm
Temperature: -20C … 80C
Pressure: 1,5…10bar

Univer's RM4000250030 is a standout in the Compact Cylinder lineup, offering a balance of power and compactness. Built to withstand challenging conditions, this model excels in delivering reliable performance. Its design emphasizes efficiency, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring a compact yet powerful solution.

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