Univer RN1000630250
RN Cylinder Octagonal

Univer RN1000630250
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Compact cylinder with octogonal tube. Stainless steel piston rod, female. ISO 21287. Non-Rotating.

Type: RN100
Product number: RN100-063-0250
Material of piston seals: NBR.
Material: piston- aluminium; Barrel- anodized aluminium.
Bore diam. (mm): 63
Stroke length: 250mm
Temperature (C): -20…80
Pressure (bar): 1,5 - 10

Univer's Octagonal Cylinder RN series introduces a cutting-edge solution for diverse industrial applications. The RN1000630250 model embodies precision and power, showcasing Univer's commitment to excellence. Its distinctive octagonal design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also indicative of the robust engineering within. This cylinder is tailor-made for tasks demanding accuracy and reliability, providing a seamless integration into various industrial processes.

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