Univer S1004400700M
Rodless cylinder

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  • Ambient temperature: 20 ÷ 80 ° C
  • Operating medium: filtered compressed air
  • Operating pressure: 3 ÷ 10 bar
Item Number: S1004400700M
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Rodless cylinder. Single supply from the right end-cap. Standard carriage. Fluid: filtered air (without or with lubrication)

Technical Data:

  • Type: S1004
  • Product number: S1004-40-…
  • Standard version
  • Bor diameter (mm): 40Piston: aluminium.
  • Seals: NBR.
  • End-capes: die-cast light alloy.
  • Barrel: anodized aluminium.
  • Guide slide: acetalic resin.
  • Shock absorber seals: mechanical.
  • Cushionings: pneumatic ajustable (as standard).
  • Stroke (mm): up to 6000Temperature: -20C … 80C
  • Pressure (bar): 3…10

Univer's S1004400700M Rodless Cylinder is a pinnacle of engineering excellence. Designed for applications demanding accuracy, its compact form guarantees efficient and controlled movements, establishing it as a cornerstone in industrial environments where space optimization is crucial.


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