Yaskawa JZSP-CSP25-20-G1
Encoder Cable

 Yaskawa JZSP-CSP25-20-G1
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20 m lenth, 2,7 A

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JZSP-CSP25-20-G1 Yaskawa (Omron) absolute encoder cable for SGMJV/AV servo motors can be used in absolutely any field of activity.
It can be operated at any temperature and even in high humidity. The product is made exclusively from strong materials, due to which it has a long service life. The cable features low power consumption and high power.


  • Length: 20 meters;
  • Output current: 2.7A;
  • Maximum output power: 400W;
  • Output voltage: 200V;
  • Series of servo Motors: SGMJV/AV, SIGMA-5
  • Operating conditions: any

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