Yaskawa SGDV-2R8A01A
Servo Motor Drive

 Yaskawa SGDV-2R8A01A
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Servopack 0.4 kW,  200 VAC, 9.3 amps

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Servopack SGDV-2R8A01A (Omron)

The Sigma-5 Amplifier Servo Motor Drive SGDV2R8A01A delivers the highest performance in the industry with reduced settling time, more precise control, and its unrivaled frequency response. In addition, it provides faster and easier set-up as well as vibration suppression.


  • power: 0.4 kW
  • voltage: 200 V AC
  • Peak amplifiers (3ph): 9.3 amps
  • control mode: rotary
  • phase: 1.3
  • frequency range: 1000 GHz
  • analog inputs: 2
  • analog outputs: 2
  • digital inputs: 7
  • digital outputs: 3
  • minimum temperature: 0 °C
  • maximum temperature: 55°C.

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