Yaskawa SGMAV-04A3A61
Sigma-5 Rotary Servo Motor

 Yaskawa SGMAV-04A3A61
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Sigma-5, 200 V, 400 W, 3000 rpm, ABS encoder

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Yaskawa Sigma 5 servo motor belongs to the Sigma 5 range of low inertia servo motors as standard. It Is absolute, without brake.

Low power SGMAV brushless servo motors can be used in a range of applications

  SGMAV-04A3A61 Datasheet:

  • Series: yaskawa SGMAV
  • servo power supply: 1 phase 200V
  • Power (kW): 0.4
  • Torque: 0.159 - 3.18 Nm
  • rated speed, rpm: 3000
  • maximum speed, rpm: 6000
  • Shaft: keyed
  • encoder type: absolute
  • encoder resolution: 20 bit
  • without brake

The YASKAWA Sigma-5 series of servo drives includes standard rotary motors as well as linear and rotary direct drives and linear sliders. This wide variety of drive systems meets all market requirements for high dynamics, compact dimensions, high efficiency, low operating costs and exceptional reliability.
The main distinguishing feature of this series is positioning accuracy up to 10 nm for standard products with minimal positioning time.

Auto-tuning features enable complete servo tuning on a high-performance machine in less than two hours, compared to the more than eight hours required by other solutions currently available on the market.

As a result, Sigma-5 offers precise positioning at high speed, easy starting and smooth, vibration-free operation. Thus cycle time is reduced, productivity increases, which results in improved product quality, increased equipment wear resistance, reduced initial setup time, and reduced life cycle costs.

When developing YASKAWA SIGMA-5 servo drives (SGDV, SGMJV, SGMAV, SGMEV, SGMSV, SGMGV), the company was guided not only by the goal of achieving high technical characteristics, but also by the goal of achieving maximum convenience for the customer when choosing equipment and its installation. The SIGMA-5 replaces the Sigma-2 servos produced from 1997 to 2012.

To select the required servo drive, it is enough to have the following data:

  • Motor type (circular, linear, direct-drive);
  • Control type (pulse/analog, digital Mechatrolink-II, Mechatrolink-III, EtherCat, Profinet, etc.);
  • Input voltage type (200V, 400V);
  • Required rated motor speed (1500 rpm, 3000 rpm);
  • Required torque on the motor shaft.

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