ABB ACS 550 frequency converters


Abb acs 550 is universal drive that is designed to perform standard tasks in production. It is an excellent common device with built-in features and simple controls.


  1. Frequency inverter abb acs 550 advantages
  2. Manual for selecting frequency converter abb acs 550 model 
  3. abb acs 550 drives application area

Frequency inverter abb acs 550 advantages

Despite the fact that represented drive was created to perform routine production tasks, it has several advantages over analogues.
The main advantages of this model is simplicity and standardization. It is not implied extraordinary tasks for device so its design is quite simple. Such drive is produced with mostly standard spare parts. This approach reduces the time spent on work starting and saves finances during repair. Thanks to standardized parts, installation also does not make any problems.

Inverters have integrated energy efficiency features. Most of software characteristics are already built-in into device directly during assembly.
In general, abb acs 550 frequency converters have some distinguished design features: 

  1. The ability to control device with scalar and vector method.
  2. Built-in Modbus protocol.
  3. The presence of a special variable inductance inductor.
  4. Variety of available capacities in the range from 0.75 to 355 kW.
  5. A special coating for board’s protection.
  6. Availability of EMC filter.
  7. Load with variable and constant torque.

Another main advantage of presented series is using standard software in devices. This feature simplifies appliance programming. Drives are equipped with FieldBus that uses their own protocol.

Additionally, a special counter is installed in the system. It is able to provide information about saved electricity, amount of carbon dioxide emissions and economic costs.

Manual for selecting frequency converter abb acs 550 model 

Some of necessary important specifications can be found directly from device serial number. Such order code acts as manual for abb acs 550 frequency converter.

Let's take, for example, model ACS550-01-03A3-4+B055. The serial number includes following parameters:

  1. Product series (ACS550).
  2. Design (01).
  3. Standard size (03A3).
  4. Voltage (4).
  5. Additional devices (B055).

1.Manufacturer determines product series. The entire category of presented devices belongs to ACS550.

2.The next parameter in serial number is designed model. It is determined by only two values: 01 and 02. In the first case, number indicates a wall mounting type, and in second - floor mounted.

3.Next value indicates size of the housing. You can find it in abb acs 550 catalogue. There are some specific dimensions of device for each combination.

4.After standard sizes, it comes a number that indicates available voltage range of the device. There are only two of them in series. Voltage range from 208 to 240V is indicated by the number 2, and from 380 to 480 V – by the number 4.

5.The last combination denotes additional equipment that is used in drive system. Such group includes the following products from ABB:

  1. Intelligent control panel and extension kit.
  2. Flashdrop device.
  3. Module of expanding linear outputs.
  4. Interface module for working with encoder.
  5. Optional fieldbus plug-in modules.

All these devices can significantly improve the frequency inverter work quality. More information about functions you can find at the abb acs 550 catalog.

abb acs 550 drives application areas

Thanks to its simple design and standardized components, the frequency converters ABB 550 work in a wide variety of industrial systems. However, the most often devices are used to work with constant torque equipment, for example, in conveyors

Such drives successfully cope with the work in pumping and ventilation systems. In addition, they operate in wide variety of industrial transporters.

Due to components simplicity and excellence functionality acs550 inverters series has gained wide popularity around the World.
On our website you can find a large range of ABB frequency converters. The abb acs 550 series is also widely represented.

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