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ABB is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced electrical equipment. The brand launched its roots 120 years ago.

For many years of development, Abb introduced dozens of engineering innovations into the market, which later became models of high-tech trends in the electrical equipment market. Today, the company's headquarters has more than 145,000 professionals, and representations have been established in more than 100 countries around the world.


The manufacturer produces a wide range of electrical engineering, but one of the main specializations are ABB drives.

These are devices manufactured in accordance with the latest developments and technologies in the field of conversion equipment and microprocessor-based digital control. The functions of abb converters are aimed at optimizing the operation of industrial equipment in difficult conditions.

Frequency converters benefits:

  • smooth start of the induction motor;
  • steeples speed regulation of the rotor;
  • reverse with no direct contact;
  • the possibility of servicing equipment at any speed;
  • energy saving;
  • protection of equipment against premature wear of reducing the number of inrush currents;
  • possibility to automate the technological process;
  • increase of production resource.

Due to the high power factor of the frequency converters, the drive does not need to use devices that would compensate for reactive power.

Main types of ABB drives

There are several types of abb converters:

  • Competent. Models are designed for pumping systems, ventilation, as well as industrial machinery processing materials;
  • Low-voltage. Universal converters for electric motors with alternating current;
  • Standard. Can be used in all industrial areas, including fans, conveyor equipment and other mechanisms;
  • Specialized. They are used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and similar systems.

The products are used in food, textile and chemical industries, in woodworking shops, glass production, mechanical engineering, fuel, energy, and other facilities.

ABB Frequency Converters Catalog 

There are several most popular Abb drives: ACS550 and ACS350. Frequency converters are applied to scalar control devices, as well as to pumping technology.


ACS350 is an electric drive, the feature of which is vector control without a sensor. The ABB inverter varies power from 0.37 to 22 kW. The model is used both for adjustment of asynchronous motors, and for high-voltage equipment, which has a permanent magnetic rotor. High degree of functionality, allocates the drive from the models of frequency converters. Most often, the installation of the converter is carried out at woodworking factories, food factories, as well as in the machine building.


ACS550 is a versatile frequency drive for mass use. Its power varies from 1.1 to 35 kW, and the concept is based on vector control. Models not exceeding 132 kW are mounted to the wall. The electric drives of the increased capacities have a floor constructive. Serial devices are presented in an extensive configuration, which includes: junction boxes with terminals with screen ground, macros (standard and custom), PID controllers, and also based on the power of the model chokes having variable inductance or at the inverter input.

Converters can be equipped with additional accessories and devices, for example, often use a text control panel with built-in clock to have a timer function.

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