ABB Electric motors: universal solution for any industry


For many years, ABB has been manufacturing a full range of drive automation products, including electric motors, frequency converters, etc. The assortment of the produced equipment meets the highest requirements of reliability and efficiency.

ABB Electric Motors are manufactured in accordance with all world quality standards, which allows them to work for more than 30 years.
The entire range is designed to work flawlessly regardless of the application. Combining the best of the available construction materials with modern technology ABB motors have low operating costs and help to attain the new levels of energy efficiency even in the most severe operating conditions.


Low-voltage asynchronous motors

This modification is characterized by energy efficiency and a long service life. Such models are most often installed in areas of increased danger, as they are resistant to negative environmental effects.

Explosion proof

These models are developed specifically for operation in an environment of increased danger. There are different types of explosion protection. At the same time, all units for explosive areas have the appropriate quality certificates and energy efficiency class High Efficiency, IE2.

Electric motors of general purpose

This type of device is simple in design, has affordable price and high performance, so they most often find application in modern industrial industries. There are several IEC sizes from 56 to 400 and from 0.06 to 630 kV. Moreover, these models are produced in cast iron or aluminum housing and have High Efficiency or Standard Efficiency class.

For high temperature

Modification of the aggregates of this group was developed for operation in conditions of an elevated temperature regime (up to + 90 ° C). High-temperature electric motors are designed for use in bakeries and drying chambers, the production of bricks and glass, woodworking industry, and metallurgy. In other words, such a group of equipment was created specifically to work at very high temperatures. The size and power of these models corresponds to the standard.

Engines for industrial use

These units are characterized by a high class of energy efficiency and versatility. Due to the design features, they have high performance characteristics, consume a minimum of electricity, while working reliably, avoiding unplanned downtime.

Motors with brake

This type includes standard three-phase asynchronous motors with a squirrel-cage rotor having a huge number of additional modifications. Such models have a standard range of capacities, as well as standard sizes. It is possible to supply the electromagnetic brake disc not only from a constant, but also from an alternating current.

As for the case material, Abb offers several variations of performance. You can choose an electric motor in cast iron, steel or aluminum.

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