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3-Phase squirrel cage motor. M3BP 112MB 4

Cast Iron Motor. Output power 15kW, enclosure protection IP55.

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

ABB low voltage Cast Iron Motor with high level of efficieny.  4 poles, output power 55 kW and input voltage 400-460 V.

M3BP 250 SMA 4,TEFC, 3-phase, squirrel cage induction motor

M3BP 315 SMC 4 Motor

M3BP; BP Cast iron motor; D; 4 poles; IMB3 IM1001

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

  • Product Identification Code: 3GAA101061-ASA
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  • Product Identification Number: 2086212
  • Item Identification Number: 3GAA132350-ASE
  • M3AA Series Aluminium motor, 4 poles
  • Item Number: 3GAA222002-ADC

Electric motor ABB M3BP 132 SMB4 5.5 kW 1500 r / min

  • 1623888704
  • Vendor Number: 3GBP312230-BXGAC02
  • Vendor Number: 3GBP312410-ADG
  • Product Identification Number: 3GBP311220-ADK
  • Product Number: 3GBP353810-ADG

LV Capacitor CLMD

Power: 25.0 VA
Detuning reactor (%): 12.50 
Type: CLMD33S 
Network voltage: 690 

Electric motor with squirrel-cage rotor


Centrifugal fan

  • Protection class: IP44
  • Weight: 9,65 kg
  • Poles: 4


Centrifugal fan

  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Nominal frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Size: 180 mm

IE2 High Efficiency Cast Iron Motor

IE2 High Efficiency Cast Iron Motor

MCU2A02V2-4 2-63A with VU


The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance

The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance

The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance 4kW 230 / 400V, IE2, 4P, mounting B5

The ABB company proposes various low voltage types of AC motors. They have energy efficiency advanced characteristics and increased life cycle. The spectrum of use of ABB motors is vast. They can be applicable in any industries and in any applications.

Main types of ABB low voltage motors are frequency controlled motors, motors for explosive atmospheres, special application motors, definite purpose motors and standard induction motors. The last one is the most spread. ABB produces two variants of these motor groups: General and Process performance.

Motors of process performance are designed especially for the most complex application in the demanding environments. They correspond to high reliability, energy efficiency and simplicity of use.

Motors of general performance have a lot of abilities of modification. They have standard robust design and off-the-shelf availability.

All motor equipment of ABB is highly reliable and aim for energy saving and for enhancement the production process of the clients. Highly qualified ABB specialists are focused on constant improvement of the equipment to meet all the needs of their customers. The company guarantees perfect support of their product during total lifecycle and beyond.

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