ABB Electric motors

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  • Product Number: 3GBP353810-ADG

M3AA 90LD 6

M2AA 100LB 2

M3AA 100LC 4 HO

M2AA 112MB 4 

M2AA 132M 4 

3-Phase squirrel cage motor, 4 Poles, aluminum body

M3AA 225SMC 2

M3BP 160MLA 4

M3BP 160MLC 2

M3GP 132SMB 4

M3KP 225 SMB 4

LV Capacitor CLMD

Power: 25.0 VA
Detuning reactor (%): 12.50 
Type: CLMD33S 
Network voltage: 690 

Cartridge U-high HART / Std. FET 300

The asynchronous electric motor of general purpose power 7.5 kW.

Electric motor with squirrel-cage rotor

Product Code: 3GAA221210-BEL

  • Product ID: 3GAA092530-CFK

    MCU2A02V2-4 2-63A with VU


    The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance

    M3AA 225 SMB 4 Low voltage process performance motors

    Low voltage ABB AC Cast Iron Motors. High efficiency class IE2.

    3-Phase squirrel cage motor

    Low voltage process performance cast iron motor with high efficiency level and cast iron material.

    Fan blade diameter 520 mm (plate diameter 400 mm).

    Axial Fans

    Weight: 1.6 kg
    Country of Origin:Czech Republic (CZ)
    Customs number: 85030099

    Axial Fans

    EAN: 0781568647820
    Weight: 10 kg

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    Sample cell

    Сable holder 630A CCU 3x630A