Baumer HeavyDuty encoders: tough in operation - precise in application.


Incremental Encoders are devices whose task is measuring of speed and position in drive technology. 

Baumer Hubner GmbH's incremental encoders have proven themselves as reliable sensors (HeavyDuty technology) in those industries where such requirements as precision, reliability, increased wear resistance over a long period of operation come to the fore. The accumulated experience and acquired knowledge, as well as a wide range of products offered, allow solving problems of any complexity when working with your drive. Baumer Hubner encoder parts are designed for accurate speed and position monitoring under extreme conditions such as steel, paper, mining, metallurgy, in the production of rolling mills, elevators, refrigeration units, portal cranes, automation of loading and unloading operations in warehouses and terminals and in explosive industries.

The main technical parameters of Baumer Hubner GmbH incremental encoders are: shaft diameter from 6 mm (cylindrical) to 150 mm (through), number of pulses per revolution from 1 to 10000, power 5V and 9 to 30 V, logic code HTL and TTL (RS-422 ). Temperature operating mode: - 30 .... + 85, - 50 .... + 100 (on request).

Exceptional features of Baumer Hübner HeavyDuty series are:
-the housing of die-cast aluminum provides high vibration and shock resistance,
-the torque arms with their patented expanding plugs,
-the internal cable terminal clamps,
-the high Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), tested to IEC 801-4,
-power transistors with short-circuit protection with a maximum current of up to 300mA for a linear driver for extended cables with HTL signals or TTL signals for RS-422 (optional),
-the high protection class IP 66,
-great number of programs with standard EURO-Flange B10,
-in cases where construction permits bearings are at both ends of the shaft, 
-different  common shaft variations (with large through-hole hollow shaft, with rear extension shaft, with two individual sensing schemes, with explosion protection to ATEX 95)

Compact rotary encoders are mass-produced for an enormously great variety of applications. Such encoders are often designed to meet the low cost criterion and thus are rarely are able to fulfill the requirements set for tough environmental conditions and/or highprecision sinewave signals. HeavyDuty rotary encoders from HUBNER fill up this gap.

Eltra-trade offers extensive stocks of Baumer incremental encoders, so that our customers benefit from a trustworthy service we provide in Europe & the rest of the World. If you are looking for incremental encoder with high precision, explosive protection and low cost standard solution we offer you HOG 71 DN 1024 CI 12H7 model from our stock.