Baumer oadm20 laser distance sensors


Baumer has created optical sensor aodm 20 for non-contact distance measurement.

Design and principle of work

Represented device is a photoelectric sensor. This means that measurements are carried out here by a contactless optical method.
The design consists of two main elements, such as a light source and receiver. The first element is most often an infrared LED. 

Source sends a laser signal in the form of a point or line. The point signal is perfect for use in small areas (point size 0.4mm). In turn, the lines serve to perform measurements on surfaces with a high level of roughness (up to 10mm).

Signal in the form of laser creates a powerful focused beam. It`s perfectly performs measurements at distance up to 1000mm
Receiver is located in the same housing as the light source and reads signals that are reflected by an object. Based on these received pulses, device gets the result of measurements.

Baumer sensors of the aodm 20 series are widely used for:

  1.  Determining the sagging distance of metal sheets.
  2.  Measurement of metal, ceramic and wood panel thickness.
  3.  Feedback in industrial automation systems
  4.  Tire profile measurements.
  5.  Level control in the packaging industry.

The presented devices also can cope with the widest range of tasks.

Sensors oadm20 versions

There are two main versions of the AODM 20 model. The standard assembly is designed to perform common tasks in automation systems. Another version is created with a high level of protection, especially from vibration.
Both types of models have several advantages such as:

  •  reliability and safety of the contactless process ;
  •  accurate beam measurements ; 
  •  vibration resistance and wash ability ;
  •  possibility of measuring rough surfaces with a laser line ;
  •  excellent linearity of results.

The standard version aoddm 20 is capable of measuring within 1m. It has a resolution of up to 5 μm and maximum separation from measurement linearity +/- 0.20%. The design has a high degree of protection IP67.

Performance version aodm 20 has a higher body strength and reliability of connections. The main task of the sensor is to minimize the vibration`s level. It has almost identical main characteristics with the standard model. However, sensor has a higher IP 66K protection class with proTect+ technology.

Both models can work in harsh manufacturing conditions. They can take measurements from objects that have a high temperature, as well as dielectric parts.
Devices actively counteract the scattered light, which significantly increases the accuracy of measurements by removing unnecessary interference. To ensure simple integration of the sensor into automation systems, appliances are placed in standard package with common outputs.

This option allows to install and operate the device efficiently and simply at the same time. Freely configurable range for measurements facilitate quick commissioning also.
In addition to the basic options, it is possible to install several sensors right into one system at same time. Their work is fully synchronized.

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