Burkert pneumatic valve: types and working principle


A pneumatic air valve is an important element of a pneumatic system that regulates the flow of compressed air. This type of shut-off valve is used when opening and closing hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. In essence, their purpose is similar to that of ball valves. The valve is actuated after an electro-pneumatic and pneumatic signal.Burkert 0470 valve

Virtually all pneumatically actuated valves fall into basic groups:

  1. with a simple pneumatic actuator;
  2. with pneumatic or electro-pneumatic button;
  3. electro-pneumatic actuator
  4. pneumatically actuated valve and its varieties

Burkert pneumatic valve types

By function and purpose, pneumatic valves are divided into such types as:

  • Check valve. It serves to maintain the movement of air masses through the pipeline in one direction. If the working medium changes its movement, a mechanical closure of the flow is triggered. The shut-off element of such a valve is made in the form of a spool or ball. It is held open by the energy of the incoming medium. The channel closes either under its own weight or from the influence of the reverse flow of the air mass.
  • Fast exhaust device. The main purpose of this element is to accelerate the release of the residual air mass into the atmosphere, bypassing the supply line. The valve is a diaphragm that works in both directions. It pushes the airflow to all outlets (based on the direction of the working medium).
  • Sequence pneumatic valve. The device is used to trigger the working medium into the system at a certain pressure level in the pipeline. The movement is triggered by means of a piston, which is influenced by compressed air on one side and a special spring on the other. Based on the position of the piston, the valve opens or closes.
  • The pneumatically actuated control valve is a logic valve. It is required to open the access of the working medium to the pneumatic system when 1 or more compressed air sources or lines are operating.
  • Time delay device. The design of this Burkert pneumatic valve allows it to change its position after a certain time after the control signal is received. To perform such a task, an inertial link is used, consisting of a tank with a throttle valve that is triggered as the pressure in the tank, which is gradually filled with air, increases. The timing is adjusted by adjusting the passage section or by changing the volume of the vessel.4 way pneumatic valves

In addition to the above varieties, valves are classified according to the way they are designed. They can be equipped with a spool, diaphragm, or ball-type distribution mechanism. Regardless of the type, pneumatic valves can be mounted in any position. This does not affect their sturdiness or their resistance to vibration.

How does a 3 way valve work?

Thanks to the 3-way pneumatic valve for heating, a uniform flow of hot and cold thermal media is achieved. No bypass is required for normal operation because the valve itself lets the required volume of liquid through.

The operation of the 3-way valves can be controlled as follows:

  1. Manual. In this case, the distribution of flows requires the installation of the stem in one specific position. And it is necessary to carry out the adjustment of this position manually.
  2. Automatic (with thermostat). Here the external sensor gives the command to the spindle, as a result of which the latter starts to rotate. Because of this, the heating system maintains a stable temperature.

The main functions of Burkert 3 way valve are as follows:

  • Mixing of water streams with different temperature heating. The device is used to prevent overheating of the solid fuel boiler. The four-way mixing valve does not allow the temperature to rise in the boiler equipment above 110 ° C. When the temperature reaches 95 °C, the device triggers cold water to cool the system.Burkert Pneumatic Valves
  • Boiler equipment protection. The 4-way pneumatic valve prevents the formation of corrosion and thereby prolongs the life of the entire system.

The device is used wherever temperature control is required. Primarily in a radiator heating system in conjunction with a solid fuel boiler. If in other cases, the fluid is adjusted using a hydraulic pump and bypass, in this case, the work of the valve completely replaces these devices. It turns out that the boiler functions steadily and constantly receives a certain amount of heat carrier.

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