EBM-Papst: the leader in ventilation equipment


EBM-Papst is the world germen leader in production of ventilation equipment. The latest technology and high quality are key to the success of the company among consumers. Presently EBM-PAPST leads in the world market and offers more than 15000 positions of electric motors and ventilators. The interests of the company spread around the world. 57 branches and representative offices of concern are located in different countries on all continents. More than 12000 employees of the highest qualification work there.

The whole ideology of the company is based on 2 main components:
- High standards in manufacturing and quality products, the optimum decision of questions of reliability, efficiency and innovations.
- Maximum proximity to customers, prompt response to their queries and creating products which match their requirements.

The special attention is spared the questions of collection and processing of data from users products of EBM-PAPST and highest culture of service.
Acquiring the products of company user can be sure in the exact conforming to the requirements of any standards, high energy efficiency of decisions and truly German reliability. The specialists of the company offer the most effective variants the use of products in any terms.

Main directions of products of the company are:
- axial fans;
- centrifugal fans;
- compact fans;
- tangentially fans;
and others.

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